House Passes Bill to Fund CIA’s Action on Obama’s “Kill List” – Amash Voted NO

In May, when the House voted on H R 5743, Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2013, Rep. Amash voted “nay”. H R 5743 is a dire unconstitutional legislation that would fund operations of the Central Intelligence Agency including the president’s “kill list” which inevitably also compromises of American citizens. In June, Rep. Amash wrote on his Facebook page, “The vast majority of the bill’s text is classified. As I said with respect to last year’s bill, I cannot support an intelligence authorization when Congress and the President have shown no willingness to repeal, or even amend the worst provisions of, the USA PATRIOT Act.”

“Furthermore, the bill funds CIA operations that likely include the President’s “kill list,” which identifies persons – including American citizens – that the President has ordered to be assassinated. Forget the debate about indefinite detention without charge or trial. Assassinating Americans without authorization or judicial review mimics the practice of tyrants,” he went on to write. The bill passed 386-28.

As the Senate’s version of the bill, S 3454, which was sponsored by democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, was passed by the Senate on December 28, 2012, and then passed by the House just three days later, Representative Amash has again proven to the American people his consistency in voting based on constitutional principal.

On Sunday, Michigan’s Rep. Amash explained on his Facebook page, “I voted “no” on the motion to suspend the rules and pass S 3454, Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2013. More of the bill is classified, yet Representatives were given mere hours to review the large volume of classified material before voting.”

The House passed the unconstitutional bill on a 373 to 29 margin. He also noted that the unclassified portions of S 3254 are remarkably similar to those of H R 5743.