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Thread: Cops raid homes for people - kill animals, opposite is also true in TN

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    Cops raid homes for people - kill animals, opposite is also true in TN

    In this case, the cops raided the home for animals... they killed a person.

    What did we learn from this? Don't hoard animals. If you do, don't tell the neighbors you will go down fighting to collect your animals. If the SWAT team raids your house because of this, keep in mind that they are likely to shot you if you make any sudden movements. If you want to defend yourself, that's your choice.

    What happens now? My guess is most of the pets are taken somewhere and put to sleep. story
    WMC-TV story with video

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    Animals raided a home and killed cops?

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    "Inside the house we did find a lot of cats, dogs," said MPD Sgt. Karen Rudolph.

    "I've been told there were raccoons, possums, chickens," she continued.*
    Killing a guy over that?^^^ gangsters with permits.
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