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Thread: Everyone from MA, please help

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    Everyone from MA, please help

    We are in the very early beginning stages of organizing some sort of march or something. Even though Boston has few ties to its roots as the cradle of Liberty, it should start here again. I know there are brilliant people on this site that are phenomenal at organizing and using social media. We need you guys badly. Gun owners in general tend to be detached from social media and we need to change that. Please check in on this thread and PM the OP. We all need to stand together. I am going to post this in the 2A forum too. Thank you

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    Peaceful demonstration at the State House for our 2nd amendment rights

    By Free American Patriots- New England's Alternative Media

    State House, Boston
    Friday, February 8, 2013
    9:00am until 5:00pm

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    i actually missed Shemdogg's 2o14 clarion call and spent about nine Rip Van Winkle months
    unaware he's lookin' good, an' YOUNG REPUBLICAN, has duende & is wearing a darn SUIT!!!
    Shemdogg... every two years there is a d.c HOUSE seat election. i just gotta do a run. JEB is. i'm in a mood seein' JEB's new poll numbers.
    please be nice to Mike Huckabee so Sen. Rick Santorum & JEB BUSH ain't a future GOP tagteam.
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