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Thread: Silver dealers of good repute sought..

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    Default Silver dealers of good repute sought..

    Looking for good silver dealer... online or otherwise. Friend wants to buy but cannot find anyone charging less than 10% over spot, which seems extortionate to me.

    Anyone? Thanks in advance.

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    I see APMEX is at $5.50 over spot per coin.

    And then Hans Tulving is $2.49 over spot per coin.
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    Depending on quantity, ASEs as low as $2.69 over spot:

    APMEX has specials all the time. Best to buy then.
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    Does AMPEX have a good reputation?

    I am hesitant to buy online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrock View Post
    Does AMPEX have a good reputation?
    I am hesitant to buy online.
    apmex is top notch, I recommend them to family.

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