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Thread: Solving Peak Energy/Peak Oil and Climate Change the Libertarian way

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    Solving Peak Energy/Peak Oil and Climate Change the Libertarian way

    In my view an issue like peak oil will have the same result as the financial crisis people will blame the free market for a problem that is caused by government. The diminished role of petroleum as the world's most import commodity would have several affects the US, the dollar loosing significant value (though lets face it already has lost much value), transportation systems come to a halt, the military is unable to fight wars. and food becomes increasingly expensive. All of these things could have disastrous results leading to things like riots and looting.
    Transportation: Privatization, deregulation, and removal of subsidies. This should be done on several levels of government. A Truly free market for transportation would enable rail travel to become popular again. Intercity passenger train service and local rail transit would provide a real alternative to automobile usage and airplane usage. Automobile dependency is the result of government intervention and in my view would disappear with a free market for transport.
    energy: Another area where government simply has too much control. Subsidies are given to various forms of energy and regulations are far too many to count. It is incredibly difficult to build a nuclear power plant for example it takes 10 years to get a permit. A free market for energy would allow for more innovation and for more modern technology to replace the outdated electrical generating capacity of the US.
    Agriculture: Get rid of subsidies and the FDA. The modern industrial food system is heavily subsidized and it is often impossible to form competing agriculture systems. Removing subsidies and regulations here would help ease petroleum dependency. Alternatives to industrialized medicines are impossible to market due in large part to cronyism in the FDA. It also illegal in many cases to grow certain foods in urban areas. In theory hyroponics or urban farming could become very popular.
    Military: The military could offer a reward for anyone who could create an airplane or tank that doesn't use petroleum. Such technologies could be licensed to private individuals or to government at cost.
    Just some ideas for solving a real problem. Though implementing these policies would be very difficult to do.

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    also we can strongly regulate line breaks and make paragraphs illegal altogether

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    Natural Gas
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