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Thread: how to tell if silverware is really made of silver

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    Default how to tell if silverware is really made of silver

    there is a Salvation Army store (or some kind of non profit cheap store) within a 2 miles of my house, and they sell stuff cheap. so i was thinking i could walk up there everyday and get a half way decent deal on silver....

    each one of the three utensils that appears to be silver were purchased for 0.25$

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    Sterling silver will be marked as Sterling and/or 925 to designate the 92.5% silver content. That Rogers stuff is usually just junk.

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    M.A. Rogers Triple sounds like something triple plated.

    I've got a piece of 1847 Rogers Bros In front of me and it has an "I" and an "S" stamped in it. It is plated, but I think your getting close.

    I once had the idea to put together a set with every piece a different pattern. Never got very far.

    Some links;

    Good hunting!

    P.S. I figure stainless is probably safer to eat with.

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    You can also look at the tines of the forks. Often you can see where the plating has worn off.
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    -- My blog:
    -- articles:
    -- My booklet, “Selling Your Silver”:

    -- Sterling vs. silver plate:
    -- Locating your silver pattern:
    -- Marks found on bottom/back of silver pieces:
    -- Code letters on silver plate pieces:
    -- The “Rogers” silver companies:

    -- Calculating the value of your sterling flatware:
    -- Calculating the scrap value of sterling flatware:
    -- Value of sterling pieces:
    -- Value of silver plate flatware:
    -- Value of gold plated flatware:
    - Silver content in knives:

    -- Things to consider when selling your sterling:
    -- Selling sterling silver for scrap:
    -- What to do with plated silver:
    -- Selling used silver plate flatware:
    -- Ads from businesses near you who BUY SILVER:

    -- Buying sterling silver flatware on eBay:
    -- Locating sales on eBay:

    -- Care of silver:
    -- A really good polish (Merit Silver Polish):
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    Wm. A. Rogers, style: Capri

    Yes, it's triple plate silver.

    One listing says $6.50 for a dinner fork, so buy as many as you can get for 25 cents each.
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    That may be for one in nearly mint condition. These don't look very "mint" and may have much more limited resale value. But a quarter is still pretty cheap.
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    I was @ a yard sale this summer, went through a hole wooden crate of utensils, pretty old , figured I would find something , came up empty

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    I was all set to make some 92.5 rounds .....

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    just because it's stamped .925 doesn't mean it is. you can send stuff to get melted down and it can turn out to be .900, .880 or less. It's a crap shoot really unless you buy very high quality stuff. Jewelery marked .925 from Italy is notorious for being lesser quality. Same goes for gold - easy to pass off lesser quality material and you can loose alot of money if buying for pm content.

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    bring a magnet. easiest test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carson View Post
    I figure stainless is probably safer to eat with.

    Silver disinfects itself in a few hours. Stainless steel does not.

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    The easiest way is to leave it near Hillary Clinton and see if she steals it.

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