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Thread: no more nickels

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    Default It's fake

    My name is Henry Wallen and I am a staff writer at, a satire website.

    Recently I wrote an political article entitled, "Penny and Nickel Coins to be Phased Out in 2013" which announced that pennies and nickels would be discontinued in January 2013. Most of our regular readers understood that it was fiction, but some people did not. The story went viral and has been viewed by several hundred thousand people.....
    To read the rest of what he said about the article you can go here: hxxp://
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelatc View Post
    Is there a legitimate source for this?

    I've looked around and this is the only article saying it and the link above shows it's a hoax.

    However I still think this is on the horizon.
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    my apologies.. I thought I was sharing
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    No biggie , I found it entertaining .

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    Quote Originally Posted by FindLiberty View Post
    I bet they eventually drop all coins under $1 and introduce a new "Lincoln $3 coin" to replace the penny.

    "ROUNDING ERROR VIRUS" another movie plot.
    Watch from 1:55 through 3:08

    Yeah, $3 , is about where I always thought it would end up too.

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