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Thread: The Game of Sound Money?

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    Default The Game of Sound Money?

    I apologize if someone has already thought of this and posted it. I did a quick search on this forum and didn’t find anything. I come up with ideas from time to time. Usually mechanical in nature. Some ideas I forget soon after I have them if I don’t write them down. Many are throw away ideas. This may be one of those throw away ideas. A while back I was thinking of the board “Game of Monopoly” I remember reading how it became popular in the Great Depression. So I thought, would it be possible to create a board game or a electronic game that would use the principles of Sound Money or maybe it would be better to create a game that uses inflating fiat currency To show how it effects prices, savings, retirement, etcetera. Or perhaps a combination of the two. I don’t know if such a game is even feasible or if anyone would want to play it. Maybe it would be so complicated that it would be confusing, like that game show episode of “Friends”. I have no idea of how to even begin developing this idea. Well, if anyone wants to take this idea and run with it, go for it.
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    Looks like it's a throw away idea. Not one Austrian response.
    "When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will." Frederic Bastiat


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    I like the idea , I would buy it for my Grand children.

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    Design the game, create a prototype and we'll be able to give you some better responses ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Rogue View Post
    Looks like it's a throw away idea. Not one Austrian response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Rogue View Post
    I don’t know if such a game is even feasible or if anyone would want to play it. Maybe it would be so complicated that it would be confusing [...]
    A neat idea. Unfortunately, if it was simple enough to be popular, it probably wouldn't wouldn't be very good at effectively representing or educating people about sound money.

    And if was good at those things, it would probably be too complicated or involved to be popular. I'd love to be wrong about that, though. It would definitely be worthwhile if someone could pull it off.
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    Game development isn’t my thing, but I’ll give it a shot. I see it as a single player computer game. So that would require a software programmer. I see it as a game of choices. First player may create own character. age, sex, what ever could affect events, for example, maternity leave. Maybe that would make the game to difficult to develop, so, could drop that idea, although I think it would make the game more personal therefor more interesting. The player must choose an occupation from a list of limited choices, for obvious reasons. We are not talking super computers here. It has to be some what simplistic. let’s say one agriculture, one construction, one manufacturing, one retail, one transportation and maybe one education, but only occupations in the private sector. The idea is to show how the wealth creators are affected. The computer will be all other players including government and banking players. The player must also choose if s/he is a business owner or a employee. An Employee in real life may not have sympathy for the perils of an Employer, so we must show them how it affects them personally. The player will have a running balance sheet of assets and debt.
    The next choice would be for the player to choose which economy to play in option (A) a true Free Market economy with no central bank, no legal tender, no protectionism and no government intervention. Now that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be any pit falls. For example at some point the player may choose to put his/her money in a bank they may choose to entrust their money with a fractionalized savings and loan, a CD perhaps or a bailment warehouse or some other investment or buy their own safe and store it themselves. Have to work on that latter, but the Free market isn’t without danger as we all know. Which makes it so affective.
    The player could choose economy option (B) similar to our current economy, a fiat inflating currency, a central bank setting interest rates, protectionism, interventionism, the whole ball of wax. I think this choice should begin at a point in time where the economy goes off PM money and a central bank is created. (Now I know that didn’t happen at the same time or in that order, but it shouldn’t matter for game purposes.) The computer plays the part of the bank, the central bank, the government, the media etc. The computer creates events and then displays choices for you to choose. For example, player is a employee at a construction company making 15 dollars an hour.The event, a union promises a raise of 5 dollars an hour if the player votes for a union, option A union yes, option B union no. Which ever option the player choices is what will happen. There is no need to complicate it by the fact in real life it takes more than one vote. The computer then gives the outcome, example, player increases income. I think after outcomes the player should be informed of unforeseen consequences via news flash, example, housing prices rise and construction stagnation. A new event will occur, a politician would promise to fix housing prices if the player votes for him. Although the player may accrue wealth over a period time, (time frame should be compressed considerably) at some point eventually result in a layoff as the least productive employee. I don’t know if the computer should have limited outcome options. The player must be able to compare balance sheets with other computer generated players to see the consequences of actions. Especially the central bank. It’s the most important part of the game. The player must be able to see the devaluation of his dollar as the central bank accrues wealth. I don’t have it figured out yet, just spit balling ideas. Its going to take more than just a few hours to get this right.
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    Game title: Real Life, Real Money

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