Watched this on Netflix last night. Hopefully this isn't a re-post (didn't see any posts here with this title)

IMDb summary
In 2006, Charlie Lynch was invited by the civic leaders of Morro Bay, CA to open a medical marijuana dispensary within the city limits. Offered a business license and asked to join the Chamber of Commerce, Lynch opened and maintained his business according to the most rigorous standards available. However, marijuana remains a Class 1 narcotic according to the DEA, and Lynch's business soon became the target of a large Federal investigation. This film explores the horrific descent into hell faced by Mr. Lynch - previously a law abiding citizen without so much as a speeding ticket, as he is cast as a Pablo Escobar and thrown into Federal detention.
Hard to believe that this kind of thing is happening to people like this. If this documentary is an accurate portrayal of what happened, what they did to this guy is absolutely abysmal. An upstanding, well-respected, law-abiding, all-around-nice person was completely destroyed by the local sheriffs department in his county. The local community wouldn't get behind the sheriff in his self-righteous attempts to find dirt on Charlie, so the Feds were called in. If the jurors had only known about Jury Nullification...

Definitely worth watching.