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Thread: Iowa Straw Poll

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    Iowa Straw Poll

    So I presume the only reason why Iowa is leaning towards eliminating the Iowa straw poll is because candidates like Ron Paul have done extremely well. It can be safe to say that there will never be a candidate like Ron Paul in the Republican Party running for president ever again. What a shame...

    It also seems the media completely supports such a move.


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    if they get away with cancelling it totally, then good ole admin + our mods here can expect to see way
    less rather than more of those slightly obscene photos of presidential candidates eating their corndogs...!

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    To my knowledge, it's all up to A.J. Spiker, and he'll cancel it when hell freezes over.
    Libertarian Republican trying to help break the one-party state in Massachusetts

    Looking for new liberty candidates for 2014 and beyond

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    Quote Originally Posted by mz10 View Post
    To my knowledge, it's all up to A.J. Spiker, and he'll cancel it when hell freezes over.
    He needs to get re-elected two more times to be the one to make that decision.

    Also, if not many big names participate, it will essentially be rendered irrelevant. I can imagine someone like Rubio not participating.

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