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    From Lauren Weinsteins' page. Lauren has been around the Internet since before it was the Internet. So....

    Lauren's blog is worth a read once in a while too.
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    CORRECTED-RPT-PREVIEW-Bitter struggle over Internet regulation to dominate global summit

    * International Telecommunications Union poised to assert authority over Internet
    * Russia, others to argue for legitimacy of national censorship regimes
    * Secretary-General Touré sees "light-touch" regulation
    * Internet architect Vint Cerf warns of "dinosaurs" stifling free speech
    By Joseph Menn

    SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 27 (Reuters) - An unprecedented debate over how the global Internet is governed is set to dominate a meeting of officials in Dubai next week, with many countries pushing to give a United Nations body broad regulatory powers even as the United States and others contend such a move could mean the end of the open Internet.

    The 12-day conference of the International Telecommunications Union, a 147-year-old organization that's now an arm of the United Nations, largely pits revenue-seeking developing countries and authoritarian regimes that want more control over Internet content against U.S. policymakers and private Net companies that prefer the status quo.

    Many of the proposals have drawn fury from free-speech and human-rights advocates and have prompted resolutions from the U.S. Congress and the European Parliament, calling for the current decentralized system of governance to remain in place.

    The rest of Joseph's paper...

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