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Thread: SC County GOP Precinct Officers

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    SC County GOP Precinct Officers

    Hello South Carolinians,

    I am in need of information. I can contact county GOP to find the answer, and I will. However, why not post here on RPF for some inside information first.

    I have noticed that going to my county GOP page you find all the precinct officers and their contact information. What is most interesting, is that in my precinct #9 there is no officer. Is this because no one is interested? I am.

    Any insight on this from fellow SC citizens? I plan to get aboard that list of officers.

    South Carolina State law requires that political parties reorganize every two years. Each organized precinct elects an officer that becomes a member of the Charleston County Republican Party Executive Committee. In the event this elected precinct member is unable to attend a Charleston County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting, the precinct President is allowed to vote on party matters.

    On March 17, 2011, Charleston County Republican Party organized their precincts and Executive Committee Members and Presidents (as well as other officers) were elected. The list of the Executive Committee members and the President for each organized precinct are in the following document.

    Precinct Members sorted by Precinct

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    Many county GOPs have vacant precinct positions because there is no one interested to fill that position.

    Each county GOP should have their own rules on how to fill those vacancies. Some might be informal and all you need to do is ask the county GOP Chairman to be appointed to that position. Some might require a majority vote from the precinct officers.

    If you have never been to a county GOP meeting, I would warn you to not go in announcing you are a Ron Paul fan. You don't have to lie but there have been many reports of county GOPs not allowing Ron Paul people to fill vacant positions.

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    Warning heeded. Thanks.

    But, I must say that I have had my views and principles that align with Ron Paul before I ever even knew of him. That being said, I will go into it with those views as opposed to being a "Ron Paul Fan". Ron does not give me talking points, instead he is just simply, an inspiration.

    I appreciate you reply.

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