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Thread: Vermont 11/6/12 election results thread

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    Default Vermont 11/6/12 election results thread

    The sources I know show that there were up to 7 liberty candidates on the ballot in Vermont. 1 out of 7 of the candidates won.

    Lost - President Libertarian Gary Johnson
    Lost - State Senate Addison District - Independent Robert Wagner
    Lost - Washington District State Senate Republican Dexter Lefavour
    Lost - Windsor District State Senate Republican Dick Tracy
    Reelected - State Representative Republican Tom Burditt (Tom endorsed Ron Paul)
    Lost - Chittenden 8-2 State Representative Republican Paul Dame
    Lost - Franklin 2 8-2 State Representative Independent Bob Shea

    Was a liberty candidate missed?

    If you live in Vermont, please like Tom Burditt's Facebook page. Heck, even if you don't live in Vermont, you can like it
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    Didn't even know Burditt existed. Added to my list.

    List of Liberty-minded candidates for Congress in 2014
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