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Thread: Coupons and deals

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    I haven't bought lettuce since I left PA a year ago--I used to pay 79-99c/head of iceberg. I think around 99c/LB of leaf lettuce. But we had this amazing farmer's market-type of store that was really inexpensive.

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    Yeah , about a buck is all I pay .

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelissaWV View Post
    I don't use any of the stuff in the CVS post... though I guess I could start doing that and giving the items to charity as care kits.
    That's exactly what I used to do. But I got even more discounts because I'd pick up all my mom's prescriptions there--they give a percentage of the cost for them every quarter. Between that and coupons, I'd get all kinds of stuff for free, donate appropriate items and get free toilet paper and stuff like Halloween candy.

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