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Thread: Tattoo Shop Owner Tiles Floor With 250,000 Pennies

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    Default Tattoo Shop Owner Tiles Floor With 250,000 Pennies

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    The Feds will bust him for defacing currency? lol
    Operation Atlantic Resolve: Yep, we're providing Iceland with a military.

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    It costs more to make a penny than a penny is worth. The copper in the penny itself probably worth more than the penny.

    Who would have though that making a floor entirely made of copper would be cheaper than using tiles.

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    The metal in a penny is worth more than $0.01, and is only going to go higher. Someone is going to break in and steal his floor eventually.

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    There is VERY LITTLE copper in a penny!

    The metal is near worthless, but it COSTS A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN A PENNY, TO MAKE A PENNY!

    It's a clever trick, maintaining them in circulation... It helps hide massive inflation that's made them LESS than worthless.

    Another clever trick is the Secret Service bringing the hammer down on counterfeiters and anyone who damages/destroys currency.

    Those screams from prison also help cover up the sound of the printing press that's running 24x7x365 at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (on orders from the fed, on orders from congress).

    The epoxie base should help seal out the oxygen and maintain the nice colors in the pattern. Very nice, but it could also be accomplished another way... like a fake wood floor! (new product idea for Home Depot)
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    Quote Originally Posted by FindLiberty View Post
    There is VERY LITTLE copper in a penny!
    Since 1984, they used to be copper.

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