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Thread: Why was the American economy prosperous under Clinton?

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    It was the phony dot com boom, nothing to do with Clinton's policies. He left with a recession in 2000.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CroSpartacus View Post
    What was it about Bill Clinton that caused the prosperity of the 1990's? I keep hearing everyone claim that Obama could make this country prosperous like the Clinton times, but I want to understand was Clinton the reason why the American economy was doing well in the 90's?
    clinton was lucky to have algore (sounds like igor) as VP. He created the internet you know.
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    let us not forget the enormous sin tax on cigarettes, and the lawsuit. under his admin.

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    Lot of detractors.

    All in though Clinton was a pretty damn good President.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackTerrel View Post
    Lot of detractors.

    All in though Clinton was a pretty damn good President.
    Yeah but he was lucky with the economy. And there was the whole getting head from his... err... friend.

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