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Thread: What if you could poop gold?

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    Default What if you could poop gold?

    The bacterium gobbles up the gold chloride, ingesting all of the liquid's toxins and waste, and leaves behind only solid gold.

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    I expected a Bernanke joke.
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    “I tell you that virtue does not come from money: but from virtue comes money and all other good things to man, both to the individual and to the state.” - Socrates

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    I'm hoping for a Cupriavidus metallidurans probiotic supplement.

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    I would have a $#@!load of gold!

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    Concurrent discussion going on lulz:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
    I would have a $#@!load of gold!

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    Does the fucking victim have family? Why does the precinct still exist?

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    Just drink Goldschläger...all day, every day

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