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    Cool The Deep Dark Web

    gATO hApPy -

    AVAILABLE @SmashWords website @

    I learned that I hate WORD: – but it’s the general format for publishing - text boxes- get imbedded and you can’t format to EPUB or .mobi or anything – solution after going lOcO gAtO - was copy and paste into txt editor – save as RTF then copy paste back into a new WORD document and then reformat everything from scratch – and copy over the pictures – as you can tell I had fun-..-ugh mEoW F-F-F-F as much fun as a hairball but if it get’s the message out “FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN CYBERSPACE” then we done our job, anyway I hope you read it - Thank you Pierluigi a best friend a security gAtO ever had - gATO oUt

    This Book covers the main aspects of the fabulous and dangerous world of -“The Deep Dark Web” . We are just two cyber specialists Pierluigi Paganini & Richard -gAtO- Amores, with one passion and two souls we wanted to explain the inner working of the deep dark web. We have had a long collaboration in this efforts to document our findings we made infiltrations into the dark places inaccessible to many to give a you the reader a clear vision on the major mystery of the dark hidden web that exist today in the Tor Onion network..

    The Web, the Internet, mobile cell devices and social networking has become commonly used words that identify technological components of daily Internet user’s experience in the cyberspace. But how much do we really know about cyberspace? Very, very little, Google / Yahoo / Bing only show us 20% of the Internet the other 80% is hidden to the average user unless you know were to look.

    The other 80% of the Internet is what this book is about the “Deep Dark Web”, three words with millions of interpretations, mysterious place on the web, the representation of the hell in the cyberspace but also the last opportunity to preserve freedom of expression from censorship. Authorities and corporation try to discourage the use of this untapped space because they don’t control it. We the people of the free world control this network of Tor -Onion Routers by volunteer around the world.

    The Deep Dark Web seems to be full of crooks and cyber criminals, it is the hacker’s paradise, where there are no rule, no law, no identity in what is considered the reign of anonymity, but this is also the reason why many persecuted find refuge and have the opportunity to shout to the world their inconvenient truths.

    The Deep Dark Web is a crowded space with no references but in reality it is a mine of information unimaginable, a labyrinth of knowledge in the book we will try to take you by the hand to avoid the traps and pitfalls hopefully illuminating your path in the dark.

    Cybercrime, hacktivism, intelligence, cyber warfare are all pieces of this complex puzzle in which we will try to make order, don’t forget that the Deep Dark Web has unbelievable opportunity for business and governments, it represents the largest on-line market where it is possible to sell and acquire everything, and dear reader where there is $money$ you will find also banking, financial speculators and many other sharks.

    Do you believe that making money in Deep Web is just a criminal prerogative? Wrong, the authors show you how things works in the hidden economy and which are the future perspectives of is digital currency, the Bitcoin.

    This manuscript proposes both faces of the subject, it illustrates the risks but also legitimate use of anonymizing networks such as TOR adopted by journalist to send file reports before governments agents censored his work .

    Here are some question we may answers to:

    How many person know about the cyber criminals and their ecosystem in the deep web?

    How many have provided information on the financial systems behind the “dirty affairs”?

    How the law enforcement and governments use Dark Web?

    Let’s hold your breath and start the trip in the abyss of knowledge to find answers to the above questions. We hope that with this book you can learn something new about – The Deep Dark Web.
    gAToMaLo -

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    I went there a couple times.. didn't know where to go.. was lost
    probably should have had a goal in mind instead of just wandering around
    Disclaimer: any post made after midnight and before 8AM is made before the coffee dip stick has come up to optomim level - expect some level of silliness,

    The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are out numbered by those who vote for a living !!!!!!!

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    oh ok. .I take it back.. I did get there

    I just had no idea after that where to head off to

    I did use tor a couple days to do everything I do on line but it's soooo slow to load - I had more time outs than loads
    Disclaimer: any post made after midnight and before 8AM is made before the coffee dip stick has come up to optomim level - expect some level of silliness,

    The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are out numbered by those who vote for a living !!!!!!!

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    Network bandwidth grows based on people contributing their own bandwidth anonymously. It will get faster over time. Much how bit torrent downloads are much faster now than what they used to be.

    EDIT: As for where to go besides Silk Road...I don't know either. Posting anonymously is useful if you feel like testing the limits of free

    Silk Road used to also have a website called The Armory which sold unpapered weapons but it wasn't popular enough to pay for bandwith. Something similar I'm sure will come along.
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    Thats what so cool about the Hidden Web it's hidden unless you know where to look --- So try these sites

    Try these places -

    Hidden WiKi*
    Directory 7jguhsfwruviatqe.onion
    hidden wiki
    Directory kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion
    WikiLeaks - DeepWeb Site
    Directory zbnnr7qzaxlk5tms.onion

    I publish all kinds of stuff and guide and my co-author Pierluigi Paganini runs security he is from Italy and one of the TOP Security people in the WORLD - we have had many ventures - The thing about Tor is that you cannot be tracked, diced and sliced and every click you make is sold...
    In Tor you can do PRIVATE searches - like medicine stuff I want nobody to know about.. When your in Tor you can use Google, Facebook, or twitter --- but if you use Tor to hide and then log gin in to Facebook with your real name - well That just defeats the why use Tor to have privacy...
    Let's face it when companies want to do research about the competition well they use Tor. They spread rumors and it can't come back to you. So Tor is a TOOL - just like a gun not all gun owners are killers so not all Tor users are evil - and that government crap they say -

    If you got nothing to hide ---- I USE TOR thanks... FBI, CIA they use it too why BECAUSE IT WORKS !!!

    Bitcoins are a Liberation dream...Why don you guy's use digital currency and stop the bankers from tracking your money too....

    gAtOmAlO my 2 cents -

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    The only thing I don't like about bitcoin is purchasing stuff online. There is no recourse if the seller wants to $#@! you over. Hence why all the scams exist that keep bringing down the spot price.

    The concept though is brilliant. I'd use bitcoin almost exclusively if more local shops used them. For faceless purchases though it is incredibly risky. Always make sure you trust with 100% confidence in the seller or merchant. Anonymous money is both why it is awesome and $#@!ty at the same time. Hopefully more services and source code upgrades come out that put more confidence into bitcoin. How that can be done when completely deregulated is a mystery to me.

    If you're an anarchist and understand the risks of that kind of society...then you'll probably love what bitcoin is trying to do and not care about any of my faceless purchasing concerns.

    I personally hope it keeps developing. And competition is created as well.
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