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Thread: Gingrich email says Obama will win in 2012 and seek re-election in 2016

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    Default Gingrich email says Obama will win in 2012 and seek re-election in 2016

    I wouldn't be surprised....the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution didn't stop him from becoming president....why would the 22nd amendment stop him in 2016 should he win re-election?

    An email message mistakenly sent to Newt Gingrich's list serve this morning told subscribers that President Obama would no doubt win in 2012 and that they should be more worried about Obama's winning in 2016.

    That's right, despite the 22nd Amendment, which limits any one person to two presidential terms, the email that went out to Gingrich's supporters suggests President Obama would be running again in 2016, and possibly serve through 2020.
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    “Force the normies into taking sides. At the moment they are just like "meh, I am minding my own business" retreating culturally into their private bubbles and "safe-spaces" since they don't understand what is going on. When the actual "us vs them" starts, they will be forced to fight or they'll die.” - Anonymous Poster

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    They say this every time there's a two-term president!
    Let's move forward to the Constitution.. I am the new GOP. I stand with Rand.

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    Hopefully, polio kills him off like the last tyrant.
    “Force the normies into taking sides. At the moment they are just like "meh, I am minding my own business" retreating culturally into their private bubbles and "safe-spaces" since they don't understand what is going on. When the actual "us vs them" starts, they will be forced to fight or they'll die.” - Anonymous Poster

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    It won't happen. Him being re-elected in 2016 that is. There is no cause to doubt that he can only be elected twice whereas with the birth issue it is possible that he is or is not a citizen.
    No more IRS.
    I am now old enough to vote.

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    Come on, according to Snopes, it will never happen that way!

    Almost any fool can see that although he will serve a second term, a third term for Obama is not possible unless he produces the his real birth certificate showing his real name, Barry Soetoro.

    It does not matter if it says USA or Kenya because that's no longer a requirement to become POTUS. The candidate just needs to be born naturally (and BTW, no test tube babies need apply unless they are also at least 35 years of age).

    The electronic voting machines (to be used in the 2016 primary) will be pre-programmed to allow only Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barry Soetoro to appear on the POTUS ballot in November of 2016.

    Whoever wins in 2016 will then serve two full terms.

    Liberty and Ron Paul (with his VP running mate Rand Paul) will just have to wait 'till 2024.

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    I would not believe Newt Gingrich if he said the sun would rise tomorrow.
    The proper concern of society is the preservation of individual freedom; the proper concern of the individual is the harmony of society.

    "Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow." - Byron

    "Who overcomes by force, hath overcome but half his foe." - Milton

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    Goes along with a lot of random stuff Ive heard, not saying I believe it, but hey, the dude has a kill list!

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    The US is going third party in '16.

    2016 – the Year from Hell
    A Third Party on the Horizon?

    For decades, the people may cheer a politician when he is running for office. But the polls have consistently shown the public just has never trusted them and have been demanding for decades that some ethical standards be enforced. Good luck! Since they and judges give themselves the title of Honorable without earning it, pretty much nothing will ever change. It is simply foolish to expect otherwise. Society has to be brought to the brink of extinction to get political reform. The good politicians who want to do the right thing are too few to matter and are ignored, like Ron Paul.
    Third Party votes have impacted the Senate more so than the House. Nevertheless, in the Senate we have Ron Paul who everyone knows and speaks a lot of common sense. We can see that there is a rise in Third Party activity and by 2016, we should see a sharp return to the same levels of political instability that we saw going into both the Great Depression and the Civil War. As politicians cut all the promises they made for so long, a lot of people are going to get really upset. This will be reflected in a rise of Third Party activity that once captured 30% of the total vote!
    The raw numbers show interesting trends. The Democrats on an Electoral College basis reached 523 votes in 1936. The Republicans reached 520 with Nixon in 1971 and 525 in 1984. The Democrats fell for 12 election cycles (48 years) before making a rally with Clinton reaching 370 in 1992 and 379 in 1996. Obama reached only 365 so he did not restore a bullish trend, but simply made a bear market rally. Therefore, even with Obama being black, the Democrats were unable to beat that achieved by Bill Clinton. The numbers show that the days of Marxism are numbered. But the days of the right wing religious followers do not look so good either. What is percolating behind the scenes appears to be a political change toward greater independence. The Revolution Cycle is likely to hit in 2068.

    The Democrats have promised the moon, but funded nothing. Their constant attack on the class structure and corporations has done far more harm than good. They have chased jobs from America and no matter what you show them, they will not change their ways. The Republicans have also lost their way and desire to be the world policeman of imperialism forcing American doctrine upon the rest of the world, but we ran out of the bankroll to support that agenda. The Republicans are behavior Marxists and demand to control what people think and do. They have destroyed the LIBERTY that was supposed to be the number one objective of the constitution and transformed the USA into the biggest prison camp the world has ever seen. The US imprisons more people than Europe, Russia, and China combined. We prosecute everything and aggressively seek tax prosecution cases. They forgot what made Reagan popular – FISCAL CONSERVATISM, not religious fanaticism. As his son said at his funeral, his father never imposed his religion upon anyone else.

    The future appears one of rising political discontent. A return to fiscal conservatism and the right wing has become as nuts as the left. Americans will rise once again to a Third Party. To the shock of most, this will exceed the old highs of 30% and 2016 looks like the YEAR FROM HELL!
    The Republican Convention Was A Disgrace to Freedom

    While everyone yells and screams about abortion and the right for gays to marry, the most important destruction of the democratic process took place over a pathetic agenda to simply prevent Ron Paul from having his name nominated from the floor. The RNC stripped all the people of the State of Maine of the right to vote. This illustrated precisely what I have been warning about. We are headed to a Third Party for 2016 and the economy appears to start coming unglued next year. The Republicans just eliminated the right of the people to vote for any candidate for if the RNC does not like their choice, they refuse to seat the delegates and appoint their own people to vote as the RNC instructs them. Hello! What happened to the right to vote?
    Based on the idea of natural rights, government secures those rights to the individual by strictly negative intervention, making justice costless and easy of access; and beyond that it does not go. The State, on the other hand, both in its genesis and by its primary intention, is purely anti-social. It is not based on the idea of natural rights, but on the idea that the individual has no rights except those that the State may provisionally grant him. It has always made justice costly and difficult of access, and has invariably held itself above justice and common morality whenever it could advantage itself by so doing.
    --Albert J. Nock

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    Quote Originally Posted by V3n View Post
    They say this every time there's a two-term president!
    This. It isn't always the same person, but somebody is always doing the fearmongering thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Acala View Post
    I would not believe Newt Gingrich if he said the sun would rise tomorrow.
    Leave it to Gingrich to do the fearmongering days before the election. Sleazy, yes; slimy, yes; stupid, no.
    'It ain't what we don't know that hurts us, it's what we "know" that ain't so.'--Will Rogers

    'I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag.'--Molly Ivins

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