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Thread: No "gouging" - just shortages, unrest, and delays

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    Default No "gouging" - just shortages, unrest, and delays

    So after the clean up started after Sandy, I entirely expected stories about gouging for gas and basic supplies. But, instead we see lines, fights, and gas stations running out of gas.

    Does anyone know if it was east-coast states that passed "price control laws" that prevented prices from rising, or was it just economical illiterate mob-mentality that prevented the price system from working?

    I would prefer being "gouged" for the supplies that I need to having to wait in lines and face the potential for fist fights to fill my gas tanks.
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    Im guessing state passed laws..

    actually the price of gas seems to be going down lately...

    "But I thought a hurricane made it go up 50 cents overnight" - what a crock of $#@!.

    Right now gasoline should command at least a price of $20/gallon in New Jersey. Maybe $50.

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    I don't remember which show it was, but I heard on Fox Business the other night that New York does have a law that makes it illegal to raise prices during a declared emergency.

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    Florida has a no gouging law.

    We (my family) do our preps before the hurricane.
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