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Thread: U.S. Troops Working with Mexico on Drug War

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    Default U.S. Troops Working with Mexico on Drug War

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    nice video.

    i wish i had rich powerful relatives that can bail me out

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    I'd like to know the cost... there's been so many different budgets, one-off bills, supplementals, and intra-department money laundering, who knows what the true accurate costs are in Mexico and Central America.

    We found out on the house floor No War Iin Libya bill by Dennis Kucinich.... in the debate HOMELAND SECURITY funneled $1 BILLION to overthrowing the Libyan government. Who the hell in this broke federal government has $1 Billion lying around? Betcha Libya will cost 10x's the broadcasted costs. I look at Mexico and Central America to cost 100x's the cost.
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    Keep in mind that Mexico's government is working on behalf of the strongest narcocartel now.
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    Turbocharge the printing presses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tod evans View Post
    Turbocharge the printing presses.
    Printing press is forgetful sometimes. Perhaps if it's memory is jogged then maybe useful. Doubtful though.
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