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Thread: I hope the CT Tea Party types are pleased

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    I hope the CT Tea Party types are pleased

    Instead of backing Schiff for Senate, the establishment somehow convinced them to back the "Tea Party candidate" Linda McMahon:

    Linda McMahon Gives Up on Romney, Throws in With Obama

    It's funny how right-wing sites praise Schiff now, yet refused to even discuss him, let alone get behind his candidacy, in '10. I guess it was only safe to talk about him after he lost the nomination and posed no threat to the establishment's hand-picked CINOs. As I recall, it was as if he wasn't even running.
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    Connecticut is rather lefty, isn't it? Also, McMahon put a TON of money in on her campaign. Schiff didn't. I could be wrong on this, but I seem to remember that Schiff himself didn't put in that much effort.
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