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Thread: Ohio is the linchpin to the Rand Paul 2016 strategy

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    Ohio is the linchpin to the Rand Paul 2016 strategy

    Hi. My friends in the Cincinnati area are organizing an effort to push the anti-Romney vote. They started this fb page and are looking for people in Ohio to help out:

    You are in the most important state for the Rand Paul 2016 strategy. I would bite the bullet and vote for Obama as nauseating as it is to say. Please help out if you can.

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    I will stay neutral on the presidential vote, but I will say this: Vote for Josh Mandel as Senator, because he will be an ally of Rand that could very well help him when he runs.

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    Link goes to Page Not Found.

    But vote for Obama? No $#@!ing way. Are you crazy?
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    OH is not a super important presidential primary state.
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    Yes. Mandel's performance in the 3rd debate showed me he's ready to help his southern neighbor Rand out in the Senate. I'm still going with Romney reluctantly at the top, but we need to do something to lay the groundwork for Rand in 2016/whenever he runs if he does. Ohio doesn't seem to be particularly friendly to libertarianism though, sadly.

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