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Thread: Ron Paul Endorses 5 Candidates in Maine

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    Ron Paul Endorses 5 Candidates in Maine


    Portland, Maine, October 22, 2012 – Former Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is endorsing five candidates running for the Maine State legislature, including three incumbents and two challengers.

    In his endorsement letter to Rep. Aaron Libby, the Texas Congressman writes, “Because you have demonstrated that you are willing to fight for individual liberties and stand up for the Constitution, I have decided to endorse your campaign.”

    The three incumbent legislators—Aaron Libby (House – Waterboro, Lyman), Beth O’Connor (House – Berwick), and Heather Sirocki (House – Scarborough)—all endorsed Ron Paul during Maine’s 2012 Presidential Caucuses.

    The two challengers—John Logan Jones (House – Falmouth) and Mike Wallace (Senate – South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough)—both served as National Delegates for Ron Paul to the 2012 Republican National Convention.

    “After a stunning victory at the Maine Republican Convention, Ron Paul’s endorsement carries significant weight with Maine’s conservative grassroots,” says Eric Brakey, the former Maine State Director for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign. He currently serves as the Chairman for Defense of Liberty PAC, which has also endorsed the candidates.

    “As the November elections approach for these candidates, I expect an outpouring of support from the grassroots across Maine,” added Brakey.
    "Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesn't want to hear.” -Ron Paul

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    Here are the results.

    3 of the 5 candidate won. They were the 3 incumbents Ron Paul endorsed. They all won in very close races. Chances are good that without the Defense of Liberty PAC and Ron Paul endorsing (and presumably donating to) these candidates, they might have lost. Maine will likely move a little more Republican in 2014 so it will be easier for these pro-liberty incumbents to keep their seats. Thank you to Defense of Liberty PAC and Ron Paul for helping these liberty folks when they needed it the most!

    Candidates specifically endorsed by Ron Paul:
    Lost - Mike Wallace - ME Senate – South Portland
    Millett, Rebecca Dem 13,853 64
    Wallace, Michael GOP 7,763 36

    Lost - John Jones - ME House – Falmouth
    Nelson, Mary (i) Dem 3,231 55
    Jones, John GOP 2,622 45

    Won - Aaron Libby - ME House – Waterboro
    Libby, Aaron (i) GOP 2,567 52
    Wagner, Joseph Dem 2,375 48

    Lost - Beth O’Connor - ME House – Berwick
    Plante, Joshua Dem 2,407 52
    O'Connor, Beth (i) GOP 2,256 48

    Won - Heather Sirocki - ME House – Scarborough
    Sirocki, Heather (i) GOP 3,029 51
    Caterina, Jean-Marie Dem 2,913 49
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