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Thread: Japan Nuclear Crisis Still Looms; Unit 4 Sinks 80 cm Unevenly

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    Default Japan Nuclear Crisis Still Looms; Unit 4 Sinks 80 cm Unevenly
    The world is facing a very serious crisis.
    Former Japanese Embassador to Swiss Kohei Murata

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    Quote Originally Posted by devil21 View Post
    If this is accurate it sounds kinda important!

    Fukushima Reactor 4 structure is sinking unevenly?
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    they might as well entomb it with high grade concrete and waterproof materials.

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    I personally oppose any new Nuclear power stations. An accident just causes much more problems.

    The French state is just down the road from the Southern Uk border. How nice. Hopefully no disasters will occur.

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    Nuclear Update: Fukushima Unit 4 Is Sinking (Unevenly) ... Fracking Now Allowed within 500 FEET of Nuclear Plants

    Gundersen Confirms: Fukushima Unit 4 is sinking unevenly — Building “may begin to be tilting” (AUDIO)

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    The translation is far to poor to figure out what is really being said and I can't find any other sources to the claim.
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    So I cheered up- and sure enough, things got worse!

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