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Thread: Will the Guys with the [Printed] Guns Make the Rules?

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    Will the Guys with the [Printed] Guns Make the Rules?

    "Insurrectionism is as American as apple pie."
    "Obama and the UN don't stand a bloody chance now."
    - Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed and the "Wiki Weapon" project

    The Huffington Post and other major media outlets have been abuzz lately with discussion of "3D printing's next frontier": guns. Specifically, the focus has been on a University of Texas law school student who had the 3D printer he leased reclaimed after announcing he would begin printing "Wiki weapons" (i.e., receivers for assault rifles and crude handguns) and freely distributing the plans for these firearms over the Internet. Desktop manufacturing company Stratsys felt that the student in question, Cody Wilson, was flouting existing federal firearms laws and stated that it is not its policy to "knowingly allow its printers to be used for illegal purposes." Wilson was also booted off Indiegogo, where he tried to fundraise for the project.

    Much of the coverage focused on the aspect of the exciting new technology involved, which "promises to revolutionize manufacturing" in the United States. Less-discussed was the stated motivation behind the project and the radical political views of its founder.

    To Cody Wilson's credit, he has not been secretive about what he believes and why he wants Americans to mass-produce firearms in their homes. The Defense Distributed Twitter feed and his personal Twitter feed are a screed of far-right-wing ideology. He calls President Obama a "bloodless sociopath" with a "Marxist Presidency," promotes Birtherism, criticizes Paul Ryan's budget as "a timid, 30 year project to barely blunt spending," embraces nullification legislation, endorses voter suppression laws, extols Ron Paul and Darrell Issa, mocks Sandra Fluke's sexual habits, rails against public schools, attacks the "Affordable Care Act," accuses Democrats of "laying waste to Detroit," disparages cops and defends George Zimmerman. He also runs Defending Liberty, a PAC that is working to eliminate state income tax laws.

    Wilson is equally up-front about the purpose of his Wiki Weapon project. The website of his online collective for the project, "Defense Distributed," states that, "WikiWep is about challenging gun control and regulation." Or, as he put it to Slashdot: "This project really is about '$#@! your laws.' You know what I'm saying? You know what? I don't like this legal regime."

    Wilson's idea is in fact "Second Amendment remedies" taken to the extreme, and he makes no bones about it. "To be clear, the Second Amendment enshrines the right to bear arms with the understanding that a free people must ultimately remain able topple their own government," he writes on the Defending Liberty website. "If you believe in the American revolution DONATE NOW" its homepage exclaims. In a Tweet, Wilson playfully adds that the PAC is "working for strong laws to keep guns out of the hands of politicians" in order to maintain parity in civilian/military firepower.


    The article continues with a discussion of some interesting US history, but ultimately fails as it tries to make a case for a monopoly on force being the sole realm of government. Hay, what did you expect - this is the Huffington Post, after all.

    Worth clicking through and reading the whole thing.


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    Good. It is about "$#@! your laws."
    "For if you [the rulers] suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves [and outlaws] and then punish them."
    -Sir Thomas More (1478-1535), Utopia, Book 1

    *Admirer, of Philosophy.*

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    Hit piece. Comment section is nice though.

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    'We endorse the idea of voluntarism; self-responsibility: Family, friends, and churches to solve problems, rather than saying that some monolithic government is going to make you take care of yourself and be a better person. It's a preposterous notion: It never worked, it never will. The government can't make you a better person; it can't make you follow good habits.' - Ron Paul 1988

    Awareness is the Root of Liberation Revolution is Action upon Revelation

    'Resistance and Disobedience in Economic Activity is the Most Moral Human Action Possible' - SEK3

    Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.

    ...the familiar ritual of institutional self-absolution...
    ...for protecting them, by mock trial, from punishment...

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    Ban guns 3D printers!
    Ron Paul let the cat out of the bag.

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    itshappening: Incredibly naive with a hint of Alex Jonestown.
    compromise: Hilarious name states what it wants.
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    Gun topic on huffington post. ugh I don't even want to click the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosophy_of_Politics View Post
    Good. It is about "$#@! your laws."
    It really is. "Good arms and good laws go together. Where the people have recourse to good arms, no Prince dare make a bad law." - The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
    Out of every one hundred men they send us, ten should not even be here. Eighty will do nothing but serve as targets for the enemy. Nine are real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, upon them depends our success in battle. But one, ah the one, he is a real warrior, and he will bring the others back from battle alive.

    Duty is the most sublime word in the English language. Do your duty in all things. You can not do more than your duty. You should never wish to do less than your duty.

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    I don't understand 3-d printing. I just assume they mean holograms and continue living in my bubble.
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    Don't take refuge in the false security of consensus - Christopher Hitchens

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