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Thread: Self-directed retirement accounts

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    Default Self-directed retirement accounts

    Anyone have experienced with these self-directed IRAs, that use real estate and/or PMs?
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    Not directly but you're going to be looking at higher holding costs because the asset will need to be valued and reported to the government each and every year. That way they can keep up with how much you're going to IOU them tax dollars in the future.

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    No personal experience with those assets but (have stocks in my IRA) perhaps this info may help:
    1 Know that to roll over Traditional or Roth IRAs into precious metals IRAs does not require a complicated process or set of procedures. Roll over assets in your 401(k) plan to a gold-backed or other metals IRA after leaving a current employer. Realize it's difficult to transform an employer's 401(k) plan while you're still employed by them; although it's possible.

    2 Transfer existing credit union, bank, stock brokerage and other IRAs directly and more easily. Reassign cash or securities to open a precious metals IRA. Consult with a financial adviser specializing in precious metals IRAs who can negotiate this process with your current firm for you to transfer your account and open a precious metals IRA.

    3 Note that only 24 karat gold bars are permitted in a precious metals IRA, and each must have a NYMEX/COMEX-approved refiner/assayer hallmark. Find similar parameters with gold coins, which must also be 24 karat gold; however, one exception is the 22 karat US Gold Eagle coin.

    4 Add silver coins or bars (0.999+ fineness only) to open a precious metals IRA. Include platinum or palladium bars or coins (90.9995+ fineness only). Get more out of your investment though with gold and silver.

    5 Choose a trustee with the advice of your precious metals IRA adviser and store the precious metals with a custodian. Expect to be charged storage and custodial rates.

    Read more: How to Open a Precious Metals IRA |
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    Half the crap I write here is just to entertain myself.
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    You reminded me of a commenter on

    He said that we started putting money into the stock market automatically and turned over huge amounts of cash to company's that were already built here. They took the cash a built new company's abroad and closed the old ones down in this country.

    It was a pretty good joke.

    I guess you had to be there.

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    I guess. Or not.

    Joke doesn't work because when you buy a stock- unless it is an IPO- you aren't giving any money to the company. They got the money from the shares issued in the IPO. You are buying the shares from another share holder. They get the money.
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    Half the crap I write here is just to entertain myself.
    I am Zippy and I approve of this post. But you don't have to.

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