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Thread: Anyone know anything about alternative electronic currencies?

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    Default Anyone know anything about alternative electronic currencies?

    I've been poking around and looking up some of these services. Most seem to operate completely detached from the international banking networks, but often allow transfers between systems.

    We all know about bitcoin
    Webmoney was apparently born in the CIS and offers total anonymity and international transfers
    CashU is used extensively in the middle east and Africa. It doesn't seem possible to buy a card in the US
    mibi will issue you a credit card that is accepted anywhere a Mastercard is welcome, including ATM's
    Skrill Moneybookers
    Perfect Money
    Liberty Reserve
    Solid Trust Pay

    So anyone know about them? Anyone used them?

    While we are on the topic - anyone have experience with those pre-paid VISA and Mastercards? I think someone told me they didn't work in ATM's/



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    American Express has been busy in the pre-pay credit card world lately. is a pre-pay card through AmEx. They were giving 10 bucks away for just signing up, I did and gave it to the RP campaign. Now their offer is sign up, put at least 25 on it, and they will give you 25. Not a bad option. Even using Greendot moneypaks you'd still come out about 20 ahead. If I recell they work for ATMs but with a hefty 2.50 surchage.

    Walmart and AmEx just announced a new prepay card. I didn't see the exact details but if this 'walmartizes' the pre-pay credit card industy then all the various fees may get very cheap soon.

    Google Wallet is somewhat in the electronic field. With NFC android phones you can pay for things using a cell. Verizon is also jumping on board the pay with phone service with their involvement with ISIS. But you do need to load them with 'real' money so maybe not what you're after.

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    anyone else?


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    Be sure to check out fees on pre-paid cards. I don't like the idea of paying money to be able to spend my own money.
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    WebMoney is solid and Liberty Reserve is legit as well. I do not keep up as much as I once did when I was in the industry, so take that as a disclaimer, but I have not even heard of the rest of them. So I would be skeptical -- some of them are probably sketchy.

    I could add some others as legitimate currencies, such as:


    The usefulness of all these will vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

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