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Thread: So what's the deal on a write-in vote here in SC?

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    So what's the deal on a write-in vote here in SC?

    It seems that write-in votes aren't counted here in SC, but I might be going that route anyways.

    Does anyone know how it works? I have never voted in a presidential election in SC before, only California where it was a paper ballot.

    Since write ins are not allowed, will there not be any way to do it at all? Do I have to use an absentee ballot or something?

    thanks for any help

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    You should call your County Election Commission and confirm with them.

    By the way, there are three State Senators who endorsed Ron Paul and are running for reelection. If you live in the districts below, please make sure you vote for them:

    State Senate District 3 - Kevin Bryant
    State Senate District 12 - Lee Bright
    State Senate District 46 - Tom Davis

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    Write-in votes aren't allowed, at the Presidential level, in SC. Also Dr. Paul would get kicked out because of our Sore Loser Law.

    Lee Bright and Kevin Bryant are facing very weak Democratic opposition. Tom Davis is unopposed. I have some info here:

    Also please support Joe Thompson for SC Senate 15 and Ryan Payne for SC House 44. Both are endorsed by Tom Davis.

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