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Thread: Re-Elect Aaron Libby for Maine House Representative - District 139 (Ron Paul Delegate)

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    Re-Elect Aaron Libby for Maine House Representative - District 139 (Ron Paul Delegate)

    Re-Elect Aaron Libby for Maine House Representative - District 139

    A lifelong Maine resident, Aaron Libby and his family own and operate a local farm in Limerick. The Libby family is proud to take a stand in support of free markets by refusing all state and federal farm subsidies.

    Aaron was married last May to his beautiful wife, Allison McGinley Libby of Lyman. Both Aaron and Allison are graduates of Massabesic High School. Aaron looks forward to raising a family in a prosperous, business-friendly Maine.

    Aaron has worked for large national corporations and small Maine businesses including audio/video specialist, loss prevention, construction and food preparation.

    In the spring of 2010, Aaron was selected as one of 10 growers to participate in US Apples Young Growers Initiative and Capital Hill Day in Washington DC. He also served a term on Maine’s Pomological Society Executive Committee.

    In 2010 after successfully being elected to serve District #139 in the Maine House of Representatives, Aaron was appointed to serve on the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee during the 125th Legislature.

    Aaron Libby was elected to serve as a National Delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention where he delivered the State of Maine's address to the convention.

    He also appeared on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch in 2012 on the Fox Business Network.


    GOP Maine State Rep. Aaron Libby Endorses Ron Paul for President

    Maine State Rep. Aaron Libby on Freedom Watch
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