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Thread: Dollar no longer welcome at Taj Mahal

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    Default Dollar no longer welcome at Taj Mahal

    Dollar no longer welcome at Taj Mahal

    Independent UK
    19 November 2007

    The Taj Mahal may have been built as a testament to love but some hard-headed business decisions are now holding sway at India's most famous monument. First among them is that the US dollar is no longer welcome.

    With parts of the American economy in turmoil and the dollar rapidly losing its long-held position as the currency of choice, Indian authorities have calculated they are losing considerable sums of money by allowing foreign tourists to pay using greenbacks.

    A statement by India's Ministry for Tourism and Culture said the government had decided to act "in view of the international practices and also to avoid any anomaly on account of falling exchange rates of the US dollar vis-a-vis the rupee and the consequent fall in revenues".
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    Breaking News: an Al Queda terrorist cell is believed to be operating from within the Taj Mahal! U.S. Centcom reports that the terrorist hideout has been struck with 23 tomahawk cruise missiles.

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    Its A Conspiracy!!!!

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    i live in europe now and dollar is not very popular here. i have so much problem trying to exchange my dollars that i switched to euros all at once. Plus, dollar is so weak that American tourists are reconsidering their vacation plans to europe. . I have friends who come and visit every summer but last summer lot of them didnt come because dollar was so weak.
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