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Thread: D?R?L? Enough is enough & its time to wake up!!! No turning back IT STARTS TONIGHT!!!

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    Default D?R?L? Enough is enough & its time to wake up!!! No turning back IT STARTS TONIGHT!!!

    The false left right meme must be destroyed. It has to start here with us... We cannot kill the beast if we still honor it within our own ranks. too many seem to forget OR have not awakened. to help maybe we can come together and post the image above (or something like it) as a reminder to snap out of the left right slumber.

    But it dosent stop there.. this is a critical time... people are waking up slowly.. unsatisfied with romney as he rings the elements of the big O from 4 years ago.. weve all heard this song n dance before. lots are having votors remorse. I have showed the image above to many folks and every time without fail the same reaction... a stunned look followed by laughter with something like "aint that the truth, but what other choice is there?" We can use this.. print them out.. stick them to poles, our car windows, our work space.. great way to start snapping people out of it. then open the convo to other things (and other candidates)

    To those making inroads in the GOP.. We support you.. its all about liberty and removing curruption.. Think of this as a means to fight the same battle on a different front. To wake peoples minds to vote principle over party.

    Screw Romney and Obama 2012.. To all my fellow Ron Paul supporters and Johnson supporters... Since this is Ron Pauls last stand as it were..How about a truce and pledge... IF we can get confirmation from Ron Paul himself that he will accept our support and IF we can have a sure way or even by long shot way to still pull off a Ron Paul 2012 then we all get behind that.. but if not.. then in exchange for your pledge and support.. we Paul supporters will pledge to support Johnson.. Is that not fair?

    With that I thought also this video to be appropriate now.. Props to the original author.

    - Welcome to the R[3\/0_l]UTION -
    For America... For Liberty... Ron Paul 2012!

    Because enough is enough and its time to take our country back!
    Of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE!

    - Join the Ron Paul Army Today! -

    - Phone Bank -^v^v- Canvas -^v^- Donate -^v^v- Inform -^v^- Vote -^v^v- WIN! -

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