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Thread: Doing what I can

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    Doing what I can

    This to facebook this morning:


    Take a chance.

    Seriously, what is it you think you have yet to lose that either Obama or Romney do not already have their eyes on? Think about that awhile and see if you can come up with anything meaningful. Hint: it's probably not your Chevy Cruise.

    At least Ron Paul will keep his hands off what remains of your liberties and out of your wallets. With a hostile congress to fight he may get nothing done, but at least he will not hurt you any further. Can you honestly say that of Romney or Obama?

    You already know what an Obama or Romney future looks like and you know it will be ugly. Why not show some character and spine and take a chance on the "unknown" quantity?

    Live a little for Pete's sake. If nothing else, you can at least say you did your part to keep the same old sorts out this time. Do not concern yourself with winning and losing because an Obamney administration is loss no matter which of the bozos gets to take the oath.

    Take a chance.

    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    Pray for reset.

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    Negativity is ignorance, and ignorance is your own personal tyranny. It tells you how to act, how to talk, how to think, and what to feel. You will never see a world without tyrants until you release your own. ~Honored to be Among You

    How does Ron stay so calm?

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    Today's post at FB:

    In truth, there is no authority but one's own. Force is NOT authority. It is only force.

    How I wish that people would wake up to this, but alas it appears that they may be too well bred to the whip to see it.

    While perhaps futile I will nevertheless suggest that you shun all immoral sources of brute force that operate in violation of your God-given rights. Disregard their false authority over you. Violate their will at every turn. Exhaust them with your refusal to comply. Done en masse, the tyrants are soon faced with the choice to back down or become openly violent. The latter having never worked out that well for them, the most likely outcome will be the whithering away of their power.

    Know what is right, that which is not, and never confuse the two. Tolerate no trespass upon your rightful territory where possible, and perhaps even where not possible. There is no rightful authority above your own. Live by the Golden Rule, which tells you "Do what thou wilt, but violate not thy brethren." The Cardinal Postulate of non-trespass is the only restriction any man may enforce upon another. Anything beyond that constitutes criminal acts, "government" being the greatest perpetrators of crime on the planet.

    Our lives can be better. MUCH better. But we must cease depending upon others to make it that way for us. The qualities of our lives is mainly dependent upon US - what we do and not what we depend upon others to do for us. It is that dependence that has places this world of ours at such grave peril. No rational person chooses such circumstances explicitly, but a great many of them choose through the default of inaction, fueled by apathy and ignorance.

    Is this the sort of world you wish to leave to your children's children's children? If it is not, the time is nigh to taste the bitter and do that which you have evaded until now.

    Freedom is not free.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    Pray for reset.

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