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Thread: So in Chicago, a BB / Pellet Rifle is classified as a "firearm"? WTF?

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    So in Chicago, a BB / Pellet Rifle is classified as a "firearm"? WTF?
    So, if it looks like a gun it's a firearm? A water pistol, squirt gun, water blaster...
    And I guess the chip that the pellet made in the brick wall, requires that the wall be replaced?
    Burn down a church and a report gets filled out, shoot a bb or a pellet at a mosque and Rham will turn the city inside out hunting you down and charge you with multiple felonies...

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    Sure isn't the America I fought for...

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    Here's a serious air gun..

    Still doesn't fit the definition of a "firearm".

    .50 cal. air rifle....

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    Oh no....looking like crow for dinner...When I heard air gun, I thought Daisy and Crossman. I have heard of these high velocity air guns afterall as they have been around for a very long time (like Lewis and Clark era)....If that's what was used then I guess I can see them classifying it with firearms. Thanks for the enlightenment...
    Quote Originally Posted by tod evans View Post
    Here's a serious air gun..

    Still doesn't fit the definition of a "firearm".

    .50 cal. air rifle....

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    I find it appalling that Ill. is trying to prosecute an air-gun under firearms statutes..

    The fed 1968 gun act clearly separated the two.

    Hopefully this guy can afford good council..

    Notice i didn't attempt to address the political motives of either the accused or the prosecutor...

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    I still stand with my statement about the church vs the mosque and not defending this new America though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AME3 View Post
    I noticed that

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    By the way, what's up with this that's been circulating around? Is this some more anti=gun propaganda or what? For one thing, guns can't be purchased by mailorder, UPS or Fed Ex without a FFL, especially through Amazon can they?

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    They are classified as firearms in NJ as well.

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    Sale and possession of air guns are not regulated federally, nor are they regulated by most state and local governments. A few States and municipalities which do restrict or prohibit air gun sales or possession in some manner are San Francisco, New York, New York; Camden, New Jersey and Newark, New Jersey. Johnson City, Tennessee; Massachusetts, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the States of Illinois, and Michigan. Additionally, ordinances in many cities prohibit the discharge of air guns outdoors outside of an approved range.
    courteousy of wiki

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    In summary, Amerika is moving towards the prohibition of any device which can be used as a weapon for defensive or any other purpose by the serfs.

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    Next.......compound bows.

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    Could be used to disable a Trapwire camera...the Homeland must be safe at all costs.

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