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Thread: Clearwater Freedom Rally Pictures

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    Default Clearwater Freedom Rally Pictures

    I'll write a report in the next reply. Here are the pictures I took for now.


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    RIDICULOUS! Who are these spammers? They are stacking the deck, I tell you!

    looks like you guys had fun!

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    The Thomas Paine speech is great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cindy View Post
    I'll write a report in the next reply. Here are the pictures I took for now.

    Great pics, and they're up so quickly! It was nice to meet you there, and looking forward to more pics. I will be working on a brief video of what I was able to get.
    .... in his heart, and in his head, in his character, and in his intellect, in what he has done, and in what he will become, the Thomas Jefferson of our day, Ron Paul is one of us.
    - Andrew Napolitano, Future of Freedom Foundation, June 3, 2007
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    Hey Kramer!

    It was a real pleasure to meet the man behind the Ron Paul garage door video as well!!!

    I also got to meet Libertybelle from here.

    Here's my report.

    This was all about the road rally/signwaving along the way idea to me. That was the most fun I had of the day. One the best parts about this is that as the groups get to the next one, the sign waves get much larger and become much more impressive attention getters. For example, when we first got to our meetup group spot, we had about 7 people. My husband was in the medium handing out flyers and DVDs to those waiting in the left hand turn lane.

    When the Calvary of about 30 plus cars, decked out in RP signage, honking horns started rolling through and the big signs came out flooding the corners, the people in the medium started screaming at my husband, " What's going on? Can have one of those?"

    Big sign waves make a Big Impression!

    It was exciting being at a spot when the group on the way shows up and it was really cool being in the ralley coming up to the next group doing a sign wave. Energy was always really high at those moments!!!

    The drives in between were so much fun. Of course we got the honkers. I loved it that at every red light stop, looking ahead and back in the mirrors, everyone was waving lawn signs from out their side windows and sun roofs. Then they pulled in like in a wave as the green light came. Back out they would come, rolling up to a red light. Everyone was so into it working it for all it was worth. The cars all looked GREAT!!!!

    At one point, it was funny that I had an RP SUV in front of me and right next to it was a guy with Hillary stickers in the back of his pick up window. What could he do but smile at us as some 40 plus RP decked out cars were to his left. lol

    I would do that EVERY weekend if they had one.

    The rally was more like a Giant Statewide meetup group event. Of course it was going to have a different groove and vibe without RP coming. There were about 300 plus people. The park was beautiful, right off the beach, the sun was out, lots of vendor tables and talk talk talk talk. So many awesome and friendly people were there. I love RP supporters. It was a peaceful, laid back crowed. One thing that impressed me was that there was not a single piece of litter on the ground through the whole event. Everyone was so respectful.

    People seemed to be taking advantage of the opportunity to exchange ideas, information, "where did you get that? , "how did you do that?" sort of stuff. There were also groups making plans to organize events with nearby meetup groups to make turn outs even larger. I'm glad I got to get a lot more in on a local mall signwaving event for Black Friday!!!

    I met so many people, the day went by so fast and was a blur. We all had a great time.

    There was a proffesional photo/videographer there taking stills and video clips and asking people why they support RP for a TV Comercial some meetup members are working on.

    The speakers were really good! The bands were good , though a bit to loud for all the conversation going on.

    At one point the organizer of the event called people to the stage area and gave a " Rah Rah speech with the crowed cheering and chanting waving their signs, and thats when the video cameras were going off. I will post that one when the organizer of the Clearwater meetup posts it at their site.

    The Clearwater Choir also sang their RP rendition of the 12 days of Christmas.

    When the sun dropped, it got to cold for me and we left. I was all out of my DVDs, CD Roms, and Tea Party Flyers anyway.

    Though most everyone there were RP supporters, I'm glad I brought them. Supporters took them to send to friends and family they are converting and I was able to give stacks to others who are doing gun shows, Farmers markets and stuff like that in the coming week.

    On the back side of the Tea Party Flyer I made, that I showed a picture of, I had the color copy of the Letter to Americans from the Founding Fathers ad, that ran in the NH paper. People LOVED that whole flyer and wanted the PDF for handing out. I will download it here soon.

    A Lot of work and organizational effort went into the day. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. It was great even though RP wasn't there and I would do it again next Saturday in a heart beat!!

    RP supporters are the BEST!!!!! I wish we could create "Ron Paul town". It would be a wonderful place to live!!

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    I can't wait to see the Clearwater Freedom Rally Youtube rendition of 12 Days of Christmas. The version at the rally was awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cindy View Post
    RP supporters are the BEST!!!!! I wish we could create "Ron Paul town". It would be a wonderful place to live!!
    Thanks for the pics and the report! And for some reason this last sentence brought tears to my eyes... Ron Paul really brings people together. Can you imagine this happening nationwide, worldwide?

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    nice news,but i always mention when people think the music is loud,it seems they are always standing next to the speakers?? HINT if you move away from the speakers and not in front of them they usually are not a problem,the further away from speakers then its not as loud, plus did it snow after the sun went down? i was curious if you went skiing afterwards since it got so cold ,GREAT JOB ps if it was too loud,i always recommend turning down the hearing aids?? TEASIN
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    Bump for today as this went up late yesterday after I got back.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for sharing Great job love the car signs!

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    Here is someones NEW youtube video from it.

    There are some more car shots in the beggining. There were hundreds all decked out in RP. By the time I thought to go take pictures of them, the sun set and it was too dark.

    The first song on the video captures the vibe/feel and spirit of that event.

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    WOW, thats awesome, thanks for the pics. get the latest in videos for Ron Paul around the net.

    Also check out the Ron Paul Newsroom

    Grassroots supporter and blogger, check it out!!

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