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    Most of us are now aware that our emails, Skype conversations, google searches, Facebook private messages, cell phone conversations and text messages, etc are not safe from prying government eyes and ears.

    Companies charge big money for encrypted mail services, since they are supposedly "secure." There are even government requirements that come with huge fines for not using this "secure" email on Hipaa protected information or emails companies send that contain SSN.

    My presumption is that these secure emails are no more safe from govt than an email through Yahoo, but I just wanted to check if anyone knew for sure if that is the case.

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    I would go with PGP if I really wanted to feel safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.3D View Post
    I would go with PGP if I really wanted to feel safe.
    ^ This. Also if you need live encrypted chat you can use

    Here's an article you can read about a few other such privacy tools:
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