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Thread: Outstanding Tom Dilorenzo lecture series

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    Default Outstanding Tom Dilorenzo lecture series

    You will not regret listening to these. Plum full of wakeup juice.

    Lincoln's Tariff War

    Lincoln and the Triumph of Mercantilism

    Lincoln vs. the Constitution

    The Revolution of 1913

    The Classical Liberal States' Rights Tradition

    Protectionist Origins of Antitrust

    The Myth of Natural Monopoly (deals with utility companies)

    Labor Market Myths

    Interventionist Myths about the Great Depression

    Is Voluntary Government Possible?

    How Technocrats Think About Society

    Tom's new book is out:
    My book Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government, has just been published. Here's the link. There are 52 essays. Here are some of the chapter titles: "Socialized Healthcare vs. the Laws of Economics"; "Pay to Play: Why the Fuss?"; "Fed-ACORN Criminality"; "Farmed Robbery"; "The Founding Father of Crony Capitalism"; "The State's Media Lapdogs"; "Electing U.S. Senators Was a Bad Idea"; "The Birth of American Imperialism"; "Paul Krugman's Politically-Correct 'Civil War' Fantasies"; "Central Banking as an Engine of Corruption"; "The Myth of a 'Libertarian' Fed"; "The Inherent Violence of Unions"; "How 'Sweatshops' Help the Poor"; "The Truth About the Robber Barons"; "The Virtues of Tax Loopholes"; and "The Real Ethics Problem in America."

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    DiLorenzo is too radical for Rand Paul Forums. Post some Greg Mankiw lectures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Gold Standard View Post
    DiLorenzo is too radical for Rand Paul Forums. Post some Greg Mankiw lectures.

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    Thanks. Bookmarked.

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    Thanks for sharing. And I can confirm the staff is great. Worth the time. A lot of history details.

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    Bump for those who missed it. Incredible series that filled many gaps I had in philosophical and historical arguments for liberty and also shed a light on the historical process of gradual liberty deterioration in US.

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    Thanks for posting this, I'm downloading a few of these on my iPod so I can listen to them sometime this weekend. I actually just got done reading one of his books, The Real Lincoln.

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