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Thread: Alex Jones On Colorado Shooting. Comments 7-21-12.

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    Alex Jones Claims Multiple Assailants In Colorado Shooting

    A few dicey comments about the Colorado incident intermingled with a thumbnail history of false flags. Reports of smoke canisters being simultaneously tossed from both sides of the theater, etc. Jones claims multiple assailants.

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    I don't see any good reason to believe any of what he has to say until he has some solid evidence and facts to support his theories about this incident.
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    You are correct. But neither should we lurch at the main stream media narrative. It makes sense to be extremely skeptical. The narrative coming out of Colorado sounds amazingly scripted to me. "He had planned this for 6 months!" Etc. before they even investigate...My concern is that most Americans think a lone wacko did this and that we need to ban guns now once and for all and forever. Thank goodness people like A.J. can make people pause and consider alternate possibilities before they submit to a millennium of tyranny.
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