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Thread: Batman Movie being used to promote UN SMALL ARMS TREATY

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    Batman Movie being used to promote UN SMALL ARMS TREATY

    Don't be fooled these events happened before. In 1991 when Time Warner New Jack City opened up African American Gangs in not jusr one theater by many theaters in big cities were stabbing and shooting people and the Media gave it a pass:,,313772,00.html

    Why is this sad event today in Colorado an event that has happened before: Because Mr Holmes is white, College and has NO CRIMINAL RECORD. The Lame Stream Media including Fox is giving 24 hour news coverage to this sad event in order to convince the American nobody that his right to bare arms could cause more harm then good.

    I bet the Lame Stream Media will find some Anti Gun advocate who was a victim of this terrible event at a Batman Screening in Colorado to say THAT LEGAL GUNS MUST BE TAKEN AWAY FROM INNOCENT AMERICAN'S HANDS. This story about what happened at a Batman Screening is going to far. As I have said before, where was the big deal about 1991 New Jack City and all the violence in not just 1 but many cities in the US.

    Why was there not a big deal about it, because those kids where African Americans and did not match what the NEW WORLD ORDER wanted to show a white, College kid with no criminal record in order to get the Americans public support fom the UN and there small arms treaty. Remember Mr Holmes had NO CRIMINAL RECORD and bought the Guns legally. Plus he is WHITE. Perfect to get Americans to give up there 2nd amendment and surrender to the New World Order
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    "Anti Gun advocate KILLED by gun while attending movie filled with violence and.......guns."

    I can't wait for those headlines. /s
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