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Thread: WORK IN YOUR STATE if you recognize Agenda 21 on national level

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    WORK IN YOUR STATE if you recognize Agenda 21 on national level

    Letter to the Editor appeared in Starkville Daily News -- this is copyright-free. Take it and apply it to your local conditions and submit it in your name.
    Central Planning Ignores Americas's Freedom, Finances

    There are two diametrically-opposed streams of thought as to the meaning of progress. One is progress through human freedom, the driving force of the American republic. The second is progress through central planning (the strategy of socialism, fascism and communism which history has shown to always fail).

    Central planners believe they can create a perfect socio-politico-legal system a utopia. Those who hope for this planned utopia consist mainly of liberal academics, environmentalists and bureaucrats. They call for world governance, central planning and the end to free-market decision-making. Their vision of a utopian society is totally regulated by central planners: globally, from the top-down in organizations such as the UN and locally, they work from the bottom-up within city and regional planning.

    At the top level, the United Nations (UN) Rio+20 Conference of 2012 set up a global fund, ultimately to reach $400 billion. Hillary Clinton immediately committed $2 billion without congressional approval. The $400 billion is to be taken from developed countries and given to third-world countries, a massive redistribution of wealth. To further facilitate redistribution of world resources, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) director thinks the US dollar should be replaced with a one-world currency, established and controlled by the IMF because countries, as they stand, cannot be trusted to redistribute money themselves.

    The UN planners want gun control. With President Obama's blessing, Hillary Clinton will sign an agreement on July 27, 2012 that destroys the Second Amendment. Called the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), it requires members to adopt gun control. The Constitution says treaties are the law of the land. Under the Vienna Convention we can't change the treaty once the Senate approves it. If ratified by the US Senate, this treaty has priority over Second Amendment gun ownership rights.

    China and Russia are pressing for UN control of the internet to control speech, namely opposition to global planning.

    If the election this November causes US representation to become more conservative, planners will increase efforts to move decision-making from the Republican-controlled Congress to the utopian plan controlled by the UN. If Republicans were to eliminate or restrict the US EPA, then the UN EPA would step in.

    The UN provides incentives of tax breaks, grants and loans for planners at the city and regional level. Public-private partnerships play a big role in transferring power and property to government-controlled businesses. Utopian plans at the local level include ordinances to prevent "urban sprawl" by forcing cities to grow up, not out. Planners want rural populations to move to the city and live in multistory housing. Intentional inconveniences are planned to discourage gas/diesel vehicles. The inconveniences, called "traffic calming," include speed bumps, narrow streets and roundabouts.

    Alderman and MSU sustainability director, Jeremiah Dumas, heavily influenced Starkville's Tiger II proposal ( which contains many utopian planner buzz-words and phrases.

    "...minimize sprawl."
    "...for people to walk or bicycle to their destinations..."
    "...public transportation will suffer if land use policies continue to privy the private car."
    "...zoning, new building codes."
    "...rather than connecting cars with parking lots."
    " lanes and traffic calming."
    "...traffic will be reduced by 32%..."
    "Experimental education will result in the acceptance..."

    In a letter to the editor of Starkville Daily news, Dumas said, "..we need the voice and support of the majority to prevail." Central planners use experimental education, press releases and local action groups to sway public opinion and manufacture the consent of the people.

    Dumas labeled those who question city planning a voice of "regression" and "bad energy." Citizens must oversee officials and not allow officials to ignore and disrespect them. Responsible citizens do their homework and speak the truth, even if their voice shakes, and in spite of threats from planners about their power and their support groups (which they organized and/or serve on the board).

    Dumas wrote that tax collections "are at an all-time high." I understand how Dumas would want an all-time-high amount of tax money in the town's coffers. To taxpayers, the full coffers mean less money in their pockets and more government control. If the city coffer's are full, then how about a tax cut? When Starkville bond issues are completed/paid, the city never lowers tax.

    More taxes, fees, permits, ordinances and government control happen when citizens don't do their job. Every citizen should participate in planning a sustainable future. Planners fail to address personal liberty and individual property rights. Citizens must follow the money trail. They must study each issue and look for conflict between planning goals and the goals of protecting individual liberty, private property and free enterprise.

    Federal tax money by grants, loans and public-private partnerships is not free money. As July, 2011, 43 cents of every federal dollar is borrowed. Between 2007 and 2011 alone, the borrowed-rate has increased a distressing rate of 38 cents per dollar. Even noble causes such as "Safe Routes to School" fall under the Department of Transportation and use borrowed money.

    We are experiencing a time when the global/city plan is more important than the citizens and the American budget. When America is bankrupt and liberty is lost, there is no progress.
    Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

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    I think this is spreading very erroneous information about treaties vs. our Constitution. According to constitutional scholars such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, treaties most certainly do NOT trump. I remember this from a previous case, because I had always believed they did.
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