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Thread: PA State Rep Dave Reed

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    PA State Rep Dave Reed

    Hello all,

    I was hoping someone could give me more information on this state representative. I've read his BIO, and am somewhat familiar with him as he's my representative in Blairsville. Just would like more info or a link to look up how he has voted in PA for my area. I want to get more involved in the politics of my local area and would like to know more about the politicians in my area. Any help or information would be much appreciated.


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    These are bills he co-sponsored

    05-03-2012 Reed, Dave Native American Awareness Month
    12-06-2011 Reed, Dave Change Tax Reporting Period
    10-10-2011 Reed, Dave Closing the Delaware Loophole
    05-09-2011 Reed, Dave Notification of Proposed Well
    05-03-2011 Reed, Dave Native American Awareness Month
    02-25-2011 Reed, Dave Safety Zones for Waterways Trapping
    02-25-2011 Reed, Dave Leave of Absence for Volunteers
    02-22-2011 Reed, Dave Licensure of Mobility Vehicle Dealers
    02-01-2011 Reed, Dave Misuse and Warning Labeled Products
    01-27-2011 Reed, Dave Retirement Age for Campus Police Officers
    01-27-2011 Reed, Dave Procurement Legislation - Veteran-owned Businesses
    01-12-2011 Reed, Dave Increasing the Penalty for Hit and Run Involving a Fatality
    01-04-2011 Reed, Dave Megan's Law Website
    01-03-2011 Reed, Dave Single Sales Factor Apportionment

    Looking for voting info...
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