The need for good people (YOU) to run for office and help campaigns is critical for the future of the liberty movement. That's why we must be prepared to succeed. That's why a class from the Leadership Institute was requested in this area. The Leadership Institute is a non-profit organization that teaches classes funded by donations.

This Campaign Management Workshop is designed to build on their Grassroots Activist School. This training develops you into a leader. Each year thousands of candidates run for elected office and only a few win. This is often due to the lack of skilled leadership in campaigns. This training addresses this need and empowers you to make a difference.

Attendees will learn how to:

• Attract and manage volunteers
• Raise funds
• Develop precinct organizations
• Identify and build coalitions
• Develop and deliver a persuasive message
• Deliver voters to the polls

Sample Lectures Include:

• Researching the Candidates and District
• Developing a Campaign Strategy and Message
• Building Coalitions
• Voter Identification and Targeting
• Voter Contact Tactics: Phones, Mail, In Person
•Voter Outreach: Social Networking and New Media
• Voter Turnout Operations

Please comment if you will be attending.