This is happening in my local town, so I wrote this. The socialists doing this have already called me a propagandist, (and figure next will be "conspiracy theorist," -- I'm expecting to be hit hard because of this. Any tips at a come-back would be appreciated. You may have this letter to change and use in any way you'd like, sign your name if you need to fight public-private partnerships in your town. This is happening all over Mississippi -- all over America:

"Public-Private Partnerships = United Nations Agenda 21
Implemented in Starkville and Oktibbeha County!

Private property was so important to our Founding Fathers that its principles were included in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

In 1976, the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat One) had a different idea of private property. They declared that private land ownership and wealth are the primary reasons for social injustice. The 65-page document recommended land use:
redistribution of population in accordance with resources
government control of land for re-distribution of resources
land to be controlled through zoning and planning
urban and rural land reform through public ownership of land
public authorities rule over the developing rights of land

The conference defined property as evil, said it creates wealth for the rich at the expense of the poor and considered business evil (it should be controlled by the community). Their proposed remedy? Wealth produced at the expense of the poor should be confiscated and given to the poor. No private enterprise should exist, only public-private partnerships. These ideas are tenets of socialism/Marxism.

United Nations Agenda 21 is called “the master plan for the 21st century,” “sustainable development” and “smart growth” (sound familiar?) with goals to abolish private property, control education, control and reduce population, and control the economy.

Through “visioning,” a Visioning Council (steering committee) made up of businessmen, politicians and others who stand to gain financially from the implementation of the goals of Agenda 21, worked with the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Planning Association, the Conservation Fund, the National Resources Defense Council, and the Sierra Club.

This Visioning Council received their proposal from the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD), then proposed it as local goals for the community. The “Consensus” would remove any objections the public may have had. The result was the “vision” and the new plan of action for “smart growth.”

The Initiator (such as the Starkville mayor and some aldermen) make press releases to introduce the idea of a “sustainable community” with “smart growth” to build huge public support; the other elected officials signed on. They either did not understand the nefarious intent or were financially complicit in the vision. Some Starkville officials want to comply with United Nations Agenda 21 through its hallmark public-private partnerships, to “fundamentally change” and control the use of water, resources, and agricultural land in Starkville and Oktibbeha County.

So, people of Starkville, do you want to give ownership of your City Hall/Police Complex to a group of one-world government supporters (who use the money to further its agenda), the same way you gave away “Cotton Mills” in a public-private partnership? Do you no longer believe in private property: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?