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Thread: Why Bad Jobs (or No Jobs) Happen To Good Workers

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    Why Bad Jobs (or No Jobs) Happen To Good Workers

    "Back in October, an article appeared in The Wall Street Journal with the headline 'Why Companies Aren't Getting the Employees They Need.' It noted that even with millions of highly educated and highly trained workers sidelined by the worst economic downturn in three generations, companies were reporting shortages of skilled workers. Companies typically blame schools, for not providing the right training; the government, for not letting in enough skilled immigrants; and workers themselves, who all too often turn down good jobs at good wages. The author of the article, an expert on employment and management issues, concluded that although employers are in almost complete agreement about the skills gap, there was no actual evidence of it. Instead, he said, 'The real culprits are the employers themselves.'"

    I think this ought to be an interesting debate...
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    There are a lot of factors :
    tax credits for example put a lot of very very bad workers who were living off welfare in the first place in front of the line of very skilled workers who never took welfare stamps.This is why tax credits are one major part of the socialist system. Tax credits reward bad work ethics and punish skilled workers who are very willing to work for every penny they receive.
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    For sometime I've felt that American workers are held hostage by terrible Human Resources departments and especially the Staffing Agencies who use bad standards for finding candidates. Or they barely understanding the industries they're staffing for.

    It's also puts more distance between the candidates and the Supervisors who actually understand their industry and needs. Understandably, the Supervisors are to busy to field a stampede of applicants, but it seems like they should be more in touch with evaluating them somehow.

    Also there is also the classic Catch .22 of demanding years of experience. This might seem sensible to again weed down the amount of applications to a manageable level, but it just excludes all fresh graduates.

    I have to admit this concerns because I've taken the college gamble myself. I'm still in the early part of an Associates in Cyber Security. If I run into this bull$#@! after graduating I may consider moving from Michigan to Ontario just to see if there is a different corporate culture.
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    If you are highly skilled you may be rejected for a couple of reasons. One is that they may fear you will not stay long and leave to go to another- possibly higher paying job. Second, they may prefer somebody with less experience. Why? They can be trained to the way that particular company likes to do things and second that they can probably pay that person less money. Which sucks if you are (were) good at your job and lost it though no fault of your own.
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