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Thread: Montana Convention: Zero Delegates / One Alternate

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    Montana Convention: Zero Delegates / One Alternate

    Thought I'd post a heads up here in the state forum. We had our State Convention here in Montana last week and into the weekend. The short story is that our Chairman betrayed us, a very strong delegation of around 47%, and handed the delegate election over to the Mitt Romney camp. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but we are Montana and usually things run a bit differently up here. We're sending zero delegates and one alternate that has little or no chance of being escalated to a national delegate.

    Here's a detailed write up of the convention details, in case you're interested:

    Sorry guys. We hit it hard, even in the wake of Rand's announcement, and we were just a sliver away from taking the whole thing.

    (Please click on the link, even if you don't read it. I'm on the 2nd Google page for most searches about the Montana Republican Convention and I want it on the first.)

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    Thank you! I understand that as in Missouri, you lost but were close in voting strength which is a terrific achievement, right there! Thank you for representing us!
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    I bet the national campaign didn't provide much help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by New York For Paul View Post
    I bet the national campaign didn't provide much help.
    Not much, no. It came down to anywhere from 3 to 20 people, depending on which counties they came from. (We have a really weird system for counting votes.) Sadly, at least two of us had worked with the campaign previously and had showed we could deliver.

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