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Thread: Celia Savage: college student accused of building bombs

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    Default Celia Savage: college student accused of building bombs

    "Sorry, fellows, the rebellion is off. We couldn't get a rebellion permit."

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    Wow, it's unusual for a female to be into that sort of stuff.

    It's easy to understand why the federal pigs went after her, even though she hasn't hurt or targeted anyone and is only accused of committing the victimless crime of experimenting with explosives on her own property. The Empire sees explosives in the hands of private citizens as a threat to its power -- a view that's justified in light of the damage that IEDs have inflicted on America's Imperial Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Unfortunately for the Empire, the knowledge of how to make explosives is all over the Internet, and it can also be found in books and scientific papers. This avocation isn't as uncommon as many might think. There are quite a few YouTube videos of people making and using homemade stuff. For example:
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    Chick's middle name is "Alchemy," she's a total badass.
    Well, I got Rand started on his campaign (just search around here to see). I advised Thomas Massie before he ran for Congress. I am currently advising 2 liberty campaigns for the state legislature. I ran the war-room and won Minnesota for Ron Paul a few weeks back. There are other things I'm probably forgetting.
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