I found this article that pretty much sums it up for the sentiment here in Wisconsin.

And Republicans - please don’t gloat. You just won a shadow boxing match against a three-time loser who couldn’t even tell us why he was running. Don’t assume that because voters rejected an ill-advised recall we will fall lock-step behind your entire agenda. 2014 is not that far off, so get to work expanding freedom, limiting government, and reforming our failing institutions if you expect another bite at the apple.

And one more thing - don’t confuse broad support for fiscal responsibility with a mandate to impose a social agenda. If you stick to fiscal matters and bind government by the Constitution you swore to uphold, you will be in the majority until the rapture. Just leave us alone and we will take care of our families, our businesses, our schools, our churches, our charities, our communities, and our property. You know the drill: fix a bridge, arrest a bad guy, and go lay by your dish.