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Thread: Protesting Iran War Etc.

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    Protesting Iran War Etc.

    Anyone locally interested in joining forces so to speak and protesting war, the fed, etc please reply in this thread. Must be located in Minnesota / Twin Cities preferably.

    I personally live south of the river and every Tuesday / Thursday there are some people who protest a future Iran war. If we stepped up the grass roots maybe we could have an effect. Anyways I dont know but you just reply if you have a slight interest. And well start to organize eventually protesting for anything thats for liberty.

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    I'm too far away, good idea though. Welcome to RPF's.

    Negativity is ignorance, and ignorance is your own personal tyranny. It tells you how to act, how to talk, how to think, and what to feel. You will never see a world without tyrants until you release your own. ~Honored to be Among You

    How does Ron stay so calm?

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