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Thread: How not to shoot a revolver

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    How not to shoot a revolver

    I never knew this. I have never even considered holding my wheelgun the way he demonstrates early in the video, as I did research the correct posture and form to hold a handgun. And I have fired it enough to know that there is burning firepowder and gases coming out whenever a shot is fired. But I had no idea the force was such it could tear target paper to shreds.

    By the way, I like him. He is a gun expert and has many videos where he shows a large assortment of firearms. I sure wouldn't mind having him as friend in a SHTF scenario. He knows his guns and he's sure got plenty of ammo and clips.
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    Very good demo,, for those that didn't know.
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    he could have held the paper rearward a bit so it did not extend past the muzzle. I don't disagree with his thoughts, its just his experiment that was lacking a bit. he also could have held the paper a bit further away from the revolver.
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    Yes, and this is just expanding gas. Lord help you if your cylinder misaligns (for whatever reason) which is why you should always wear ballistic glasses while practising.

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