I'm sending "letters to the editor" for MS newspapers (250 word limit isn't much!):


Re: MS Senate Bill 2461 "To Require The Designation Of Veterans On Driver's License And Identification Card;"

I'm told the above summary is incorrect, in that the listing of one's veteran status on a driver's license is voluntary, not "required." Regardless, I think this bill opens the door for a national ID card.

As a veteran, I go to the VA for medical care, I'm asked about drinking, drug use, gun ownership, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of violence, depression, etc. Veterans are targeted as a potential "problem group." Current veterans face the highest suicide rate in our military history and comprise the majority of gun owners. Many veterans received special training in hand-to-hand combat. When a highway patrolman sees "VET" on my license, what is he to think of me? Will he become paranoid? Will a minor incident become a major one?

I am told that "VET" on a driver's licenses will make it easier to get military discounts. This is untrue. Military discounts are given to active and retired military personnel who must show their military ID to get discounts at some civilian-owned businesses.

What happens when a business offers a discount to anyone with "VET" on their driver's license? People will sign-away their privacy rights for a discount.
What happens when a bill is written to allow "FELON," "GUN OWNER," or other group the government wants to target?

Let's honor our Vets by not profiling them and let's honor the driver's license system by not using it as a discount coupon.